App-ID Features

Learn about the new App-ID™ features in PAN-OS® 9.1.
New App-ID Feature
Streamlined Application-Based Policy
You can now safely enable a broad set of applications with common attributes using a single policy rule. For example, you can enable broad access for your users to web-based applications using the
Web App
tag in an application filter, or safely enable all enterprise VoIP applications using the
Enterprise VoIP
tag. Palo Alto Networks researches new and updated applications, groups those with common attributes, and delivers this through tags in content releases. This:
  • Minimizes errors and saves time.
  • Helps you to create policy rules that automatically update to safely enable newly released applications.
  • Simplifies the transition toward an App-ID based rule set using Policy Optimizer.
You can also apply your own tags and create application filters based on those tags to address your own application security requirements.
Simplified Application Dependency Workflows
You now have simplified workflows to find and manage application dependencies.
  • You can see and address application dependencies immediately in the
    tab as you create a new Security policy rule or add new applications to an existing rule.
  • Commits provide another checkpoint for dependencies. When a policy rule does not include all application dependencies, you can directly access the associated Security policy rule from the Commit dialog to add the required applications.

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