GlobalProtect Features

Learn about the exciting new GlobalProtect™ features introduced in the PAN-OS® 9.1 release.
The following table describes new GlobalProtect features introduced in PAN-OS 9.1. For features related to the GlobalProtect app, see the GlobalProtect App 5.0 Release Notes.
New GlobalProtect Feature
Enhanced Logging for GlobalProtect
To help you monitor and troubleshoot issues with your GlobalProtect deployment, PAN-OS now provides the following logging enhancements:
  • GlobalProtect Activity charts and graphs on the ACC
    —Displays a graphical representation of activity in your GlobalProtect deployment. Information includes the number of users and number of times users connected, the gateways to which users connected, the number of connection failures (and failure reason), a summary of authentication methods and GlobalProtect app versions used, and the number of endpoints that are quarantined.
  • New GlobalProtect Log table
    —Displays GlobalProtect connection logs all in one place. Easily view all GlobalProtect events without using complex queries to identify GlobalProtect specific events, troubleshoot connection and performance issues, and identify the gateways to which users connect.
  • Log Forwarding of GlobalProtect logs
    —You can now customize the log storage and Log Forwarding profiles for GlobalProtect and forward logs to a third-party receiver or ticketing system.
  • Custom reports for GlobalProtect
    —You can now run custom reports on detailed logs for GlobalProtect. You can use predefined templates or create your custom reports from scratch.
These features are available for any Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall deployed as a GlobalProtect gateway or portal.

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