Panorama Features

PAN-OS 9.1 introduces the following new Panorama features:
New Panorama Feature
Automatic Panorama Connection Recovery
To ensure that you do not commit a configuration change that inadvertently causes the firewall to lose connectivity to Panorama, PAN-OS 9.1 can automatically revert the Panorama and firewall configuration to the previous running configuration. For example, if you perform configuration changes to the service routes, and as a result the change blocks traffic from the firewall to Panorama, the firewall’s hourly connectivity checks can trigger Automatic Panorama Connection Recovery to revert the configuration back to the last running configuration to restore the connection to Panorama. This recovery ensures that a configuration change won’t cause a loss in productivity or require you to physically access the firewall.
Increased System Disk for the Panorama Virtual Appliance
To support larger data sets for large-scale firewall deployments, PAN-OS 9.1 gives you the option to expand the Panorama virtual appliance system disk to 224GB. While the 81GB system disk is still supported, increasing the system disk ensures:
  • Sufficient disk space for dynamic updates when managing large-scale firewall deployments.
  • Expand storage for monitoring and reporting for managed firewall health and SD-WAN monitoring and reporting data at high-scale in Panorama mode.

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