Monitor Device Health

Monitor managed firewall health through Panorama™ to baseline performance and identify hardware issues before they impact your network security.
Monitor the health information of your managed firewalls to identify and resolve hardware issues before they impact your network security. Both Panorama™ and the managed firewalls must be running PAN-OS® 8.1 or later releases but firewalls do not need to be part of a device group or template stack to monitor their summary session, logging, resource, and environmental performance. Panorama stores the last 90 days of health monitoring statistics of your managed firewalls so when you select a firewall, you can view the time-trended graphs and tables for sessions, environmentals, interfaces, logging, resources, and high availability performance. Panorama calculates the baseline performance of each metric using seven-day averages and standard deviation to determine a normal operating range for the specific firewall. In addition to tracking the baseline and comparing time-trended performance, you can view which firewalls have deviating metrics and isolate performance-related issues before they impact your network. When Panorama identifies that a metric is outside the normal operating range, it marks the metric and populates the Deviating Devices tab with the deviating firewall.
The health monitoring data is stored on Panorama, and is preserved in the event a firewall is removed. When a firewall is removed from Panorama management, the health monitoring data no longer display but are preserved for 90 days. After 90 days, all health monitoring data of the removed firewall are removed from Panorama. If a firewall is added back to Panorama management, the latest health monitoring data from when the firewall was removed is displayed.
  1. Select
    Managed Devices
    to monitor the health of managed firewalls.
    All Devices
    to see a list of all managed firewalls and the monitored health metrics. Select an individual firewall to view Detailed Device View with time-trended graphs and tables of monitored metrics.
    Managed Firewall Health Monitoring
    Detailed Device View
  2. Select
    Deviating Devices
    to view firewalls with health metrics that deviated outside of the calculated baseline.
    Panorama lists all firewalls that are reporting metrics that deviate from the calculated baseline and displays deviating metrics in red.

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