Install the VM-Series Plugin on Panorama

Install the optional VM-Series plugin on Panorama.
To view and configure cloud integrations deployed on your VM-Series firewalls, the VM-Series plugin must be installed on both Panorama and the VM-Series firewall. The plugin is automatically installed on the firewall, but you must manually install the plugin on Panorama before you can push configurations to your device groups.
The VM-Series plugin supports all clouds, so an upgrade might not apply to your VM-Series firewalls. Before upgrading the plugin, consult the release notes. Update the plugin only when there are changes relevant to your cloud.
  1. Download the VM-Series plugin.
    1. Select
         and use
      Check Now
      to look for new plugin packages. The VM-Series plugin name is
    2. Consult the plugin release notes to determine which version provides upgrades useful to you.
    3. Select a version of the plugin and select
      in the Action column.
  2. Install the VM-Series plugin.
    1. Click
      in the Action column. Panorama alerts you when the installation is complete.
    2. To view the plugin, select
      • If your firewall is installed on a private cloud and the hypervisor or service does not have an integration, you see a tab named VM-Series and the default message,
        VM Series plugin infrastructure support is installed to allow the firewall's functionality to be enhanced in response to new features launched by hypervisor, or to meet new security needs
      • If your firewall is deployed on a public cloud, Panorama displays tabs for all supported clouds.
  3. (
    ) Save your configuration and push it to your managed firewalls.
  4. (
    ) On the VM-Series firewall, select
    . If you have configured the integration for your platform, you see a single tab for the cloud in which the firewall is deployed. If you have not configured an integration, you see the default message about the VM-Series plugin infrastructure.

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