Convert Your Production Panorama to an ELA Panorama

Convert your production Panorama™ virtual appliance to an ELA Panorama virtual appliance.
You can convert your production Panorama™ virtual appliance to continue leveraging your Panorama with the benefits of ELA licensing. To convert your production deployment, Panorama must have out-bound Internet access.
Converting your production Panorama to ELA licensing is supported in Management Only and Panorama mode with or without a local Log Collector configured. If your Panorama has a local Log Collector configured, you must submit a support ticket with Palo Alto Networks to convert your Panorama to ELA licensing.
During conversion from a production Panorama to ELA licensing, do not change the Panorama serial number if a local Log Collector is configured.
The log on the local Log collector become inaccessible and other Log Collectors in the Collector Group may become inaccessible and no longer ingest logs if the serial number of a Log Collector is changed.
  1. Covert your Panorama to ELA licensing.
    • Panorama virtual appliance in Panorama mode with a local Log Collector.
      Submit support ticket with Palo Alto Networks to convert your Panorama to ELA licensing. This is required in order to preserve all existing logs on the local Log Collector when converting a Panorama with a local Log Collector to ELA licensing. An example is provided below to assist in filing the support ticket. Create the ticket exactly as displayed below, and select the
      OS Release
      your Panorama is running.
      Continue to the next step only after Palo Alto Networks support successfully resolves your support ticket.
    • Panorama virtual appliance in Management Only mode or Panorama mode with no local Log Collector.
    1. Generate a serial number from your ELA licensing pool.
      1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks CSP.
      2. Select
        VM-Series Auth-Codes
        and locate your ELA licensing pool.
      3. In the Actions column, select
        a new serial number.
        Confirm the new serial number provision when prompted.
      4. Copy the newly provisioned serial number.
    2. Select
      and edit the General Settings.
    3. Enter the
      Serial Number
      you provisioned.
    4. Click
    5. Select
      Commit to Panorama
  2. Log in to the Panorama web interface if not already logged in.
  3. Select
    Retrieve new licenses from the license server
  4. Verify that Panorama retrieved the new licenses as per your ELA agreement.
  5. Verify that the support and device management licenses are successfully activated.
    1. Select
      and verify that the correct licenses are activated.
    2. Select
      and verify that the correct support
      Expiry Date
      are displayed.

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