Panorama IPS Signature Converter Plugin 1.0.3

Learn about the 1.0.3 release of the IPS Signature Converter plugin.
Snort and Suricata are open-source intrusion prevention system (IPS) tools that use uniquely formatted rules to detect threats. The IPS Signature Converter plugin enables you to leverage these rules for immediate threat protection by translating them into custom Palo Alto Networks threat signatures. You can then register the custom signatures on Palo Alto Networks firewalls in specified device groups and enforce policy using Vulnerability Protection and Anti-Spyware Security Profiles.
Additionally, you can export rules that list IP address indicators of compromise (IOC) and use the resultant text file as an external dynamic list to enforce policy on the entries contained in the list.
You can download the IPS Signature Converter plugin for Panorama™ 10.0 or later releases from the Customer Support Portal or directly from
. Panorama can push the signatures that it converts to firewalls running a PAN-OS
10.0 or later release.
To install the plugin, you must meet the following system requirements:
PAN-OS 10.0.0
PAN-OS (Firewall)
PAN-OS 10.0.0
Content Version
(on both Panorama and firewalls)
8475-7002 or a later version
Review and Install Content Updates to get the latest content version.
Before you begin, make sure you review the following information:

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