Get Alert Notifications

Create a notification rule to control which alerts generate notifications.
To define notification preferences, such as which alerts trigger notifications, how you receive notifications, and how often you receive them, create a notification rule.
  1. Select
    Alert Notification Rules
    + Add Notification Rule
  2. Enter a
  3. Specify the
    Rule Conditions
    that will trigger the notification.
  4. Choose the
    Notification Type and Recipients
    of the notification.
    1. If choosing
      , select an email group, which is a group of users that will receive the email notifications, or
      Create a New Email Group
      1. If creating a new email group, enter an Email Group Name and begin typing the Email Addresses of those you want to add to the group. Press the Return key after completing each email address.
      2. Select
      3. Select the frequency with which you want to send these notifications:
      • Immediately
      • Grouped and sent every 4 hours
      • Grouped and sent once a day
    2. If choosing
      , enter the
      ServiceNow URL
      , client credentials, ServiceNow credentials, and the
      ServiceNow API Version
      1. Test
        your connection to ensure the integration is working.
      2. Select
  5. Save Rule

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