Revert to Inherited Object Values

After overriding the values that a device group object inherits from an ancestor device group, you can revert the object to its ancestor values at any time. In the
tab, overridden objects have a yellow-overlapping-green icon ( ) in the Name column.
If you want to push ancestor values to all overridden objects instead of reverting a specific object, see Manage Precedence of Inherited Objects.
For the steps to override values, see Step 5
For details on object inheritance and overrides, see Device Group Objects.
  1. In the
    tab, select the object type (for example,
    ) and select the
    Device Group
    that has an override instance of the object.
  2. Select the object, click
    , and click
    . The Name column displays a green icon for the object, indicating that it now inherits all values from an ancestor device group.
  3. Select
    Commit and Push
    and then
    Commit and Push
    your changes to the Panorama configuration and to the device group where you reverted the object.

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