Override a Template or Template Stack Value

Override a template setting on the firewall by manually overriding the values on the firewall or by using variables.
While Templates and Template Stacks enable you to apply a base configuration to multiple firewalls, you might want to configure firewall-specific settings that don’t apply to all the firewalls in a template or template stack. Conversely, you may want to override the template settings to create a template stack configuration that you can apply as a base configuration to all your managed firewalls. Overrides allow for exceptions or modifications to meet your configuration needs. For example, if you use a template to create a base configuration but a few firewalls in a test lab environment need different settings for the Domain Name System (DNS) server IP address or the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, you can override the template and template stack settings.
If you want to disable or remove all the template or stack settings on a firewall instead of overriding a single value, see Disable/Remove Template Settings.
You can override a template or template stack value in one of the following ways:

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