Override a Template or Template Stack Value Using Variables

How to use variables to override a configuration setting pushed to the firewall from a template or template stack.
You can use firewall-specific variables to override variables pushed to the managed firewall from a template or template stack to create firewall-specific configurations. This allows you to manage the base template or template stack configuration while maintaining any firewall-specific configurations that do not apply to other firewalls—all from Panorama™. This allows you to leverage the management capabilities of Panorama while accounting for any specific configurations required for individual firewalls. In this example, the Primary DNS server IP address variable called
that has been pushed from a template will be overridden to create a firewall-specific variable.
You can override template or template stack variables that have not been overridden. If a template or template stack variable is already overridden,
the override to create a firewall-specific variable.
  1. Override the template or template stack variable.
    1. Select
      Managed Devices
    2. Edit
      (Variables column) the firewall containing the variable you need to override.
    3. Locate and select the
    4. Select
    5. Enter the new firewall-specific IP address and click
  2. Commit and Push
    your changes.

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