Transition a Firewall to Panorama Management

If you have already deployed Palo Alto Networks firewalls and configured them locally, but now want to use Panorama for centrally managing them, you must perform pre-migration planning. The migration involves importing firewall configurations into Panorama and verifying that the firewalls function as expected after the transition. If some settings are unique to individual firewalls, you can continue accessing the firewalls to manage the unique settings. You can manage any given firewall setting by pushing its value from Panorama or by configuring it locally on the firewall, but you cannot manage the setting through both Panorama and the firewall. If you want to exclude certain firewall settings from Panorama management, you can either:
  • Migrate the entire firewall configuration and then, on Panorama, delete the settings that you will manage locally on firewalls. You can also Override a Template or Template Stack Value that Panorama pushes to a firewall instead of deleting the setting on Panorama.
  • Load a partial firewall configuration, including only the settings that you will use Panorama to manage.
    Firewalls do not lose logs during the transition to Panorama management.

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