Preview the Rules and Commit Changes

The final task in Use Case: Configure Firewalls Using Panorama is to review the rules and commit the changes you have made to Panorama, device groups, and templates.
  1. Preview the rules.
    This preview enables you to visually evaluate how rules are layered for a particular rulebase.
    1. Select
      Preview Rules
    2. Select a
      Device Group
      , and
    3. Close the preview dialog when you finish.
  2. Commit and push your configuration changes.
    1. Select
      Commit and Push
      Edit Selections
      in the Push Scope.
    2. Select
      Device Groups
      , select the device groups you added, and
      Include Device and Network Templates
    3. Click
      to save your changes to the Push Scope.
    4. Commit and Push
      your changes.
  3. Verify that Panorama applied the template and policy configurations.
    1. In the Panorama header, set the
      to the firewall to access its web interface.
    2. Review the template and policy configurations to ensure your changes are there.

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