Install Panorama Plugins

You can install one or more of the available plugins on Panorama to enable the integration the GlobalProtect cloud service and Cortex Data Lake,VMware NSX, or for monitoring your virtual machines on AWS or Azure public cloud.
For the cloud services plugin, you must activate a valid auth code on the Customer Support Portal and select the region—Americas or Europe—to which you want to send logs.
If you have a version of a plugin currently installed and you
a new version of the plugin, Panorama replaces the currently installed version.
  1. Download the plugin.
    1. Select
    2. Select
      Check Now
      to retrieve a list of available updates.
    3. Select
      in the Action column to download the plugin.
      You must be running Panorama 8.1.3 or later to install the Azure or AWS plugins.
  2. Install the plugin.
    Select the version of the plugin and click
    in the Action column to install the plugin. Panorama will alert you when the installation is complete. For more details, refer to install the VMware NSX plugin or the Cloud Services plugin.
    When installing the plugin for the first time on a Panorama HA pair, install the plugin on the passive peer before the active peer. On installing the plugin on the passive peer, it transitions to a non-functional state. Then, after you successfully install the plugin on the active peer, the passive peer returns to a functional state.

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