Panorama Features

What new Panorama™ management server features are in PAN-OS 10.2?
New Panorama Feature
Administrator-Level Push
Panorama administrators can now review and push their own committed configuration changes to managed firewalls. This helps improve collaboration across teams, the handling of emergency changes, and the auditing of those changes. Additionally, for multi-vsys firewalls running PAN-OS 10.2, shared Panorama configurations are now pushed to the Panorama Shared context on the firewall, eliminating replication and reducing the risk of hitting capacity limits for shared objects such as EDLs and Custom URL categories.
Automatic Content Push for VM-Series and CN-Series Firewalls
Eliminate the operational overhead required to regenerate your VM-Series and CN-Series firewall images with the latest content updates. Enable this feature to automatically push content updates when onboarding new VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls to the Panorama management server. When leveraging Auto Scale, you can maintain existing dynamic content (such as for policy rules using App-ID) in the image configurations.
Log Collector Health Monitoring on Panorama
PAN-OS 10.2 introduces the ability to monitor health metrics for your managed Log Collectors from a centralized location. This helps you assess the operational performance of a Log Collector to easily identify and resolve any issues as soon as they arise.

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