End-of-Life (EoL)

New Hardware Introduced with PAN-OS 9.0

Overview of new hardware introduced with PAN-OS® 9.0.
New Hardware
PA-7000 100G Network Processing Card (NPC)
The new 100G NPC provides more session capacity than in previous NPCs and improved performance. This new NPC provides the following main features:
  • App-ID™ throughput (AppMix) of 72Gbps
  • Threat throughput (AppMix) of 35Gbps
  • Session capacity up to 32 million
  • Four QSFP+/QSFP28 (40Gbps/100Gbps) ports
  • Eight SFP/SFP+ (1Gbps/10Gbps) ports
  • A new service LED that allows a remote administrator to illuminate the SVC LED on a specific front-slot card so an on-site technician can locate the card.
PA-7000 Switch Management Cards (SMC-B)
The new second-generation SMCs (PA-7050-SMC-B and PA-7080-SMC-B) provide the following main features:
  • Higher performance
  • Redundant solid-state drives (SSDs) for PAN-OS
    and management log storage
  • MGT-A, MGT-B, HA1-A, and HA1-B support 1G SFP or 10G SFP+ transceivers
  • Micro USB management port
PA-7000 Log Forwarding Card (LFC)
The new Log Forwarding Card (LFC) implements the high speed log forwarding feature introduced in PAN-OS 8.0. The LFC includes the following main features:
  • High-speed log forwarding of all dataplane logs to an external log collector (For example, Panorama™ or syslog servers)
  • Supports up to 350,000 logs per second to Panorama
  • QSFP/QSFP+ ports (port 1 at 10Gbps and port 9 at 40Gbps)
The new second-generation fan trays for the PA-7050 provide more cooling capacity than the first-generation fan trays and are required when you install the second-generation hardware in a PA-7050 firewall.
PA-7080 EMI Filter
This new EMI filter for existing PA-7080 firewalls reduces electromagnetic interference and is required when you install the second-generation hardware in a PA-7080 firewall. New chassis will have this new filter pre-installed.

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