PA-7000 Series Firewall Switch Management Cards (SMCs)

The PA-7000 Series Switch Management Card (SMC) provides: switch fabric management for the chassis, system management access, stores PAN-OS, the firewall configuration, and management logs. It also includes ports for high availability (HA) connectivity and LED indicators that provides status of the chassis components.
There are two SMC models: the first-generation SMC (PA-7050-SMC and PA-7080-SMC) and the second-generation SMC (PA-7050-SMC-B and PA-7080-SMC-B). The second-generation SMC-B provides higher performance, a micro USB management port, redundant management ports, and redundant system drives.
The PA-7050 SMCs and PA-7080 SMCs are not interchangeable. Although the cards are similar, their back plane connectors and software are different. The hardware is also keyed in such a way that you cannot install a PA-7050 SMC in a PA-7080 firewall and vice versa.
Use the following topics to learn about requirements, descriptions of the SMC components, and how to interpret the LEDs.

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