Data Patterns and Data Filtering Profiles

Data patterns and data filtering profiles supported on Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP).
Use predefined or create your own data patterns and data filtering profiles. You can duplicate predefined and custom data patterns and data filtering profiles if you want to add, remove, or modify data identifiers in the existing pattern or profile. However, duplication of ML-based data patterns is not supported.
For each data filtering profile, Enterprise DLP allows a maximum of 10 data patterns for a Block rule and 50 data patterns for an Alert rule.
Predefined data patterns use either machine learning (ML) or regex-based detection for scanned files. Enterprise DLP returns verdicts for ML-based data patterns of scanned files up to 1MB in size. For all other predefined and custom data patterns, Enterprise DLP supports verdicts for scanned files of up to 20MB in size.
for the full list of all predefined ML-based patterns and all predefined data filtering profiles, see:

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