Manage Enterprise DLP Incidents on Cloud Management

Assign and manage
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
Incidents escalations for
Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
and SaaS Security on
Cloud Management
Manage your
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
incidents to investigate and resolve incidents when traffic matches your
Enterprise DLP
data profiles.
  1. Select
    DLP Incidents
  2. View your
    Enterprise DLP
  3. (
    Add New Filter
    to filter the
    Enterprise DLP
  4. Select one or more Incidents and
    Assign To
    a team member.
    You can search and assign an incident to an existing user or type a new name to
    Create User
    . If you create a new user, the user must have access to the DLP app on the hub.
  5. Change Resolution
    as your team works to resolve the incident that triggered
    Enterprise DLP
    You can select one of the predefined incident resolution statues or type a new resolution status to
    Create Tag
  6. For additional auditing and clarity for your team members, you can
    Edit Notes
    to provide further details.
    after you finish providing the additional information in your notes. The existing note is overwritten if you save a new note.
    the note if no longer needed.

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