: Integrate IoT Security with CrowdStrike

Integrate IoT Security with CrowdStrike

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IoT Security
with CrowdStrike

IoT Security
Cortex XSOAR
with CrowdStrike.
CrowdStrike is a detection and response app that uses endpoint sensors to detect threats and uncover the cause to accelerate investigations. A CrowdStrike cloud server collects endpoint data from sensors installed on IT devices such as laptops and desktops.
By integrating
IoT Security
with CrowdStrike,
IoT Security
can import attributes for devices in its inventory.
IoT Security
can receive the following device attributes through an integration with CrowdStrike:
  • Hostname
    – The hostname of a device
  • OS
    – The operating system running on the device
  • OS version
    – The version of the operating system
  • OS type
    – The type of operating system running on an device
  • Serial number
    – The device serial number
  • Vendor
    – The device vendor
  • Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) isolation status
    – Whether or not a device, or endpoint, is being isolated, a condition in which all network access for the isolated device is blocked except for traffic to the CrowdStrike cloud server
  • EDR operational status
    – The status of the protection that a CrowdStrike sensor is providing the device hosting it: Protected, Partially Protected, or Unprotected
  • EDR group name
    – The name of the endpoint group to which a device is assigned
You can display columns on the Devices page for EDR isolation status, EDR operational status, and EDR group name. For example, the EDR Isolation Status column is shown below.
You can also see the three EDR attributes on the Device Details page.
Device attributes that
IoT Security
discovers for hostname, OS, OS version, OS type, serial number and vendor take precedence over those received from CrowdStrike. If
IoT Security
already has values for any of these attributes, it does not replace them with values from CrowdStrike. If you’re using both Cortex XDR and CrowdStrike for EDR and there’s a conflict in the reported data,
IoT Security
displays whatever was reported most recently.
Integrating with CrowdStrike requires either a full-featured Cortex XSOAR server or the purchase and activation of an
IoT Security
third-party integration add-on license, which comes with a free cohosted Cortex XSOAR instance. The basic plan includes a license for three integration add-ons, one of which can be used for CrowdStrike. The advanced plan includes a license for all supported third-party integrations.

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