: Activate SaaS Security Inline Through Common Services

Activate SaaS Security Inline Through Common Services

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Activate SaaS Security Inline Through
Common Services

Learn about SaaS Security Inline license activation on a single tenant through
Common Services
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
After you receive an email from Palo Alto Networks identifying the SaaS Security Inline license you are activating, click the email link to begin the activation process.
  1. Select
    Get Started with SaaS Security Inline
    in your email.
  2. You are automatically directed to
    Common Services
    Subscription & Add-ons
    , where you activate the subscription for your product.
  3. (
    ) If you already have a tenant, select the existing
    and all the fields are filled in for you:
  4. (
    ) If you don't have a tenant, select
    Create New
    to create a new tenant:
    1. Select the
      Customer Support Account
      for the tenant.
    2. Select or create a
      storage location for the data logs, known as
      Cortex Data Lake
    3. Select or create a
      Cloud Identity Engine
  5. Agree
    to the terms and conditions, and
  6. Common Services
    Tenant Management
    displays the status of the activation, such as
  7. After the status is
    , you must go to the
    Common Services
    Device Associations
    tab to add firewalls to the tenant: Device Associations.
  8. Get started with SaaS Security Inline.

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