Predefined Data Filtering Profiles

Table describing the predefined data filtering profiles provided with Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
The following table describes the predefined data filtering profiles provided with Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP):
Predefined Data Filtering Profile
Scans For
Bulk CCN
Credit card numbers or Voyager Credit card numbers (more than 100).
California Consumer Privacy Act compliance.
Corporate financial docs
Financial accounting and generic financial information.
Financial Information
Bank statements, bank routing numbers, credit card numbers (strict checking), bankruptcy filings.
Driver's License numbers, Tax IDs, National IDs, Passport numbers.
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
Credit card numbers, Voyager credit card numbers, Magnetic stripe information, Tax Id-US (TIN), National ID-US, Social Security Number (SSN).
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) numbers, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) numbers, and other healthcare documents.
Intellectual Property
Source code, AWS secret keys, access keys, company confidential.
There are two types of intellectual property. The
Intellectual Property - Basic
data filtering profile contains a subset of the data patterns that are included in the
Intellectual Property
data filtering profile.
Legal documents including lawsuits, M&A, standard business agreements, patents, bankruptcy filings.
All Microsoft Office documents, PDF, and portable executable files, and known threats against WildFire. The verdict is based on a hash, which is a unique fingerprint of a file.
Personally-Identifiable Information (PII)
Tax IDs, National IDs, Passport numbers, and Driver’s License numbers.
Censored, personal, includes/excludes, homophobic, sexual.
Self Harm
Suicidal intentions.
Sensitive content
National ID, Bank information, AWS Secret keys or access keys, company confidential, CCN.
Tax IDs or National IDs.

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