GlobalProtect Features

What are the new GlobalProtect features for PAN-OS 10.1?
The following table describes new GlobalProtect features introduced in PAN-OS 10.1. For features related to the GlobalProtect app, see the GlobalProtect App 5.2 Release Notes.
New GlobalProtect Feature
Security Policy Enforcement for Inactive GlobalProtect Sessions
You can now enforce a security policy rule to track traffic from endpoints while end users are connected to GlobalProtect and to quickly log out inactive GlobalProtect sessions. With this enhancement, you can now enforce a shorter inactivity logout period. If a GlobalProtect session remains inactive during the configured time period, the session is automatically logged out and the VPN tunnel is terminated.
Support for Gzip Encoding in Clientless VPN
Available with PAN-OS 10.1.2 and later 10.1 releases
Palo Alto Networks next generation firewall adds support for Gzip encoding to Clientless VPN deployments. This enables Clientless VPN users to access internal or SaaS applications that use Gzip encoding. This enhancement also ensures that the Gzip-compressed web pages are displayed correctly when accessed through the Clientless VPN.

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