Monitor Security Alerts Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform

Learn how to monitor security alerts in the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
If you activate a Prisma Access license for your tenant, you can view detailed reports on the security and network alerts seen by your tenants. To view this information, access the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
and select
Alerts & Alarms
Security Alerts
You can view the alert information for a specific tenant and all its children or for all tenants. You can also specify the time range for which you want the reports to display, the alert type that you want to see, and the alert severity level.
The tenant
is displayed for your convenience.
This page displays the following widgets:
Alert Distribution
Displays the total number of alerts and the distribution of alerts by their severity category:
  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Rest (all other severity)
Alerts Trend
Displays a graph of the number of network alerts seen over time.
Network Alerts
Displays details about alerts seen tenant by tenant including information such as the number of critical alerts seen by the tenants, and the total number of tunnel down events. You can use the column picker to show and hide columns and to set their order in the display.

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