Prisma Access Security Profiles

Profiles are how you enable security services—like Threat Prevention, WildFire, and URL Filtering—for your network traffic. Profiles perform advanced inspection for traffic that a security rule allows; they scan for and prevent threats, attacks, misuse, and abuse.
Best practice security profiles are built-in to Prisma Access and enabled by default. Best practice checks are also provided inline, so that you can continuously assess your configuration and improve your security posture. For customization, management, and visibility into each security profile type, you can visit the
profile dashboard
Here’s an example of a profile dashboard. Profile dashboards consolidate profile configuration; everything you need to set up and manage profiles is in one place. The dashboards also give you access to all the features a profile offers and resources you can use to inform profile updates (for example, content release updates, the Threat Vault, and PAN-DB site classifications).
When working with security profiles, it’s especially important to know about profile groups. A profile group is a set of profiles, and can include one of each profile type. Security rules reference profiles groups, and not individual profiles. So, for a profile to be active, it must be part of a profile group that a security rule is using. Here’s what you need to know about profile groups and enabling a security profile.

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