Activate a License for Prisma Access Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform

Learn how to activate your Prisma Access tenants through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
The onboarding flow is similar for activating all product licenses. The following details are specific to activating a new Prisma Access license for a tenant through the
Prisma™ SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
If you are activating a license for the first time, you are automatically directed to
Tenant Management
when you follow the general onboarding flow. In which case, you can skip to the select a tenant step.
If you are not adding a tenant for the first time or you are otherwise not following the general flow, you can add a tenant from
Common Services
Tenant Management
  1. Go to the hub and log in.
  2. Select
    SASE Portal
  3. Select
    Multitenant Portal
  4. Select
    Tenant Management
  5. Select the tenant for the license you want to activate.
  6. Select the
    for the product in the
    where you want to deploy your product.
    There is no cross-region aggregation. Make sure that all your tenants are in the same region for monitoring purposes.
  7. Toggle
    Activate Prisma Access
    to view your activation choices.
  8. Products
    are enabled by default based on your contract. Disable (deselect) any add-ons you don’t want to activate now.
  9. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  10. Activate Now
    . The products and add-ons that you are activating (such as Prisma Access or Cortex Data Lake) are now provisioned. As the subscriptions are activating, the progress status will display. When the process is complete, the tenant status displays as
    . You now have a tenant provisioned with instances of the products that you purchased. The tenant has one user — the Customer Support account that you used when you began this process.
  11. To complete the product setup, you must access the products you purchased and perform any required post-installation configuration. For information about your products, see:
  12. (
    ) Monitor your tenants with the Prisma Access Summary Dashboard.

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