Track Rules Within a Rulebase

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Track Rules Within a Rulebase

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Track Rules Within a Rulebase

Keep track of rules within a rulebase.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • NGFW (Cloud Managed)
  • NGFW (PAN-OS & Panorama Managed)
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
Check for any license or role requirements for the products you're using:
  • Prisma Access
    license or AIOps for NGFW license
Your rulebase shows all configured rules in order of enforcement. This includes essential information such as rule names, rule types, applied security profiles, action settings, source and destination zones, and more. You can review and analyze this information to ensure that the rules align with the organization's security objectives and operational requirements.
Intuitive search and filtering capabilities are also available, enabling you to easily locate specific rules within the rulebase, manage policy rules and troubleshoot efficiently.
Regularly tracking and auditing the rulebase is a best practice for network security. It involves reviewing and updating rules based on changing organizational needs, compliance requirements, or emerging threat landscapes. See Security Policy Rule Optimization for NGFW or Policy Optimizer for Strata Cloud Manager.
Each rule within a rulebase is automatically numbered; when you move or reorder rules, the numbers change based on the new order. When you filter the list of rules to find rules that match specific criteria, each rule, its number in the context of the complete set of rules in the rulebase, and its place in the evaluation order is shown.
Rule numbering reflects the hierarchy and evaluation order of shared rules, device group pre-rules, device group post-rules, and default rules. You can view an ordered list of the total number of rules in your configuration.

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