URL Filtering Inline ML

Security Profiles
URL Filtering
Inline ML
to enable and configure real-time analysis of web pages using a firewall-based machine learning model.
Use the
Inline ML
tab to enable and configure policy actions.
Available Models
For each available inline ML model, you can select one of the following actions:
  • Alert
    —The website is allowed and a log entry is generated in the URL filtering log.
  • Allow
    —The website is allowed and no log entry is generated.
  • Block
    —The website is blocked and the user will not be able to continue to the website. A log entry is generated in the URL filtering log.
You can define URL
for specific web sites that you do not want analyzed, such as those that might trigger false-positives.
To add URL exceptions, you must first define a valid EDL (external dynamic list) or custom URL category. Click
to view and select from the available options.

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