Log Collector Information

Managed Collectors
to display the following information for Log Collectors. Additional parameters are configurable during Log Collector Configuration.
Log Collector Information
Collector Name
The name that identifies this Log Collector. This name displays as the Log Collector hostname.
Serial Number
The serial number of the Panorama appliance that functions as the Log Collector. If the Log Collector is local, this is the serial number of the Panorama management server.
Software Version
The Panorama software release installed on the Log Collector.
IP Address
The IP address of the management interface on the Log Collector.
The status of the connection between the Log Collector and Panorama.
Configuration Status/Detail
Indicates whether the configuration on the Log Collector is synchronized with Panorama.
Run Time Status/Detail
The status of the connection between this and other Log Collectors in the Collector Group.
Log Redistribution State
Certain actions (for example, adding disks) will cause the Log Collector to redistribute the logs among its disk pairs. This column indicates the completion status of the redistribution process as a percentage.
Last Commit State
Indicates whether the last Collector Group commit performed on the Log Collector failed or succeeded.
After you complete the Log Collector Configuration, click
to view disk information, CPU performance, and the average log rate (logs/second). To better understand the log range you are reviewing, you can also view information on the oldest log that the Log Collector received.
If you use an SNMP manager for centralized monitoring, you can also see loggings statistics in the panLogCollector MIB.

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