Software Updates for Dedicated Log Collectors

  • Panorama > Managed Collectors
To install a software image on a Dedicated Log Collector, download or upload the image to Panorama (see Panorama > Device Deployment), click
and complete the following fields.
Because the Panorama management server shares its operating system with the local default Log Collector, you upgrade both when installing a software update on the Panorama management server (see Panorama > Software).
For Dedicated Log Collectors, you can also select
Device Deployment
to install updates (see Manage Software and Content Updates).
To reduce traffic on the management (MGT) interface, you can configure Panorama to use a separate interface for deploying updates (see Panorama > Setup > Interfaces).
Fields to Install a Software Update on a Log Collector
Select a downloaded or uploaded software image.
Select the Log Collectors on which to install the software. The dialog displays the following information for each Log Collector:
  • Device Name
    —The name of the Dedicated Log Collector.
  • Current Version
    —The Panorama software release currently installed on the Log Collector.
  • HA Status
    —This column does not apply to Log Collectors. Dedicated Log Collectors do not support high availability.
Filter Selected
To display only specific Log Collectors, select the Log Collectors and
Filter Selected
Upload only to device (do not Install)
Select to upload the software to the Log Collector without automatically rebooting it. The image is not installed until you manually reboot by logging into the Log Collector CLI and running the
request restart system
operational command.
Reboot device after Install
Select to upload and automatically install the software. The installation process reboots the Log Collector.

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