: Prisma SD-WAN Summary Dashboard

Prisma SD-WAN Summary Dashboard

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Prisma SD-WAN
Summary Dashboard

Strata Multitenant Cloud Manager
offers a
Prisma SD-WAN
Summary screen that provides a quick look at the status of all your
Prisma SD-WAN
If you activate a SASE license or a
Prisma SD-WAN
license for your tenant, the
Prisma SD-WAN
screen displays a high-level summarized status of all your
Prisma SD-WAN
Prisma SD-WAN
screen displays information for the current tenant. The information is refreshed every 5 minutes. Use
to select and display information for another tenant.
screen offers you the following widgets:
Tenants by Open Alarms
Displays the open alarms by priority across all your tenants. Click a priority to view the
page. The tenant count shows the total number of tenants available under the MSP tenant.
Top Tenants with Open Alarms
Displays the tenants with the maximum open alarms for a data center site, branch site or across devices. Select the
Data Center
, or
tab to view the respective alarms. Click the alarm count to view the
Open Alarms by Codes
Displays the number of open alarms based on the alarm codes. Click the
Impacted Tenant
to view the alerts and alarms for the tenant on the
page within the tenant portal.
If more than one tenant has the same alarm, then an alarm count is displayed. Click the alarm count to view the
page on the MSP Portal.
Branch Health
Displays the health of a branch site. A branch has poor health when the site health score is less than 60. The branch health score is determined by the best link health score. So if all links have a health score lower than 60, the branch health score would accordingly be lower than 60.
Branch Link Health
Displays the health of the Secure Fabric links for branches across all tenants.
Good—Indicates a health score>80.
Fair—Indicates a health score between 60-80.
Poor—Indicates a health score<60.
Top Tenants with Poor Links
Displays the top tenants who have poor link health in percentage.
Prisma SD-WAN
calculates poor link health percentage for a tenant by dividing the number of links having a health score of less than 60 by the total links for the tenant and multiplying by 100.
Devices to Controller Connectivity
Displays the number of online and offline devices connected to the
Prisma SD-WAN
controller for a branch and data center site. Click
View All Tenants with Offline Devices
to view the device metrics for a tenant.

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