Working with Tabs and Widgets

The following options describe how to use and customize tabs and widgets.
  • Add a custom tab.
    1. Select Add ( ) along the list of tabs.
    2. Add a
      View Name
      . This name will be used as the name for the tab. You can add up to 10 custom tabs.
  • Edit a tab.
    Select the tab and click edit next to the tab name to edit the tab.
    Example: .
  • Set a tab as default
    1. Select to set the current tab as the default. Each time you log in to the firewall, this tab will display.
  • Save a tab state
    1. Select to save your preferences in the current tab as the default.
      The tab state including any filters that you may have set are synchronized across HA peers.
  • Export a tab
    1. Select to export the current tab. The tab downloads to your computer as a .txt file. You must enable pop-ups to download the file.
  • Import a tab
    1. Select to import a tab.
    2. Browse to the text (.txt) file and select it.
  • See which widgets are included in a view.
    1. Select the view and click edit ( ).
    2. Select the
      Add Widgets
      drop-down to review selected widgets.
  • Add a widget or a widget group.
    1. Add a new tab or edit a predefined tab.
    2. Select
      Add Widget
      and then select the widget you want to add. You can select a maximum of 12 widgets.
    3. (
      ) To create a two-column layout, select
      Add Widget Group
      . You can drag and drop widgets into the two-column display. As you drag the widget into the layout, a placeholder will display for you to drop the widget.
      You cannot name a widget group.
  • Delete a tab, widget, or widget group.
    • To delete a custom tab, select the tab and click delete ( ).
      You cannot delete a predefined tab.
    • To delete a widget or widget group, edit the tab and then click delete ( [X] ). You cannot undo a deletion.
  • Reset the default view.
    On a predefined view, such as the
    Blocked Activity
    view, you can delete one or more widgets. If you want to reset the layout to include the default set of widgets for the tab, edit the tab and
    Reset View

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