Device > Data Redistribution > Agents

Add a data redistribution agent using a serial number or host and port information.
Data Redistribution Agent Settings
Enter a name for the data redistribution agent (up to 31 characters). Use only letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens, and underscores.
Select this option to enable the data redistribution agent.
Add an Agent Using
Select how you want to add the data redistribution agent:
  • Serial Number
    — Select this option and then select the Serial Number.
  • Host and Port
    —Select this option and enter the following host and port information:
    • Host
      —Enter the hostname.
    • LDAP Proxy
      —Select this option to use the host as an LDAP proxy.
    • Port
      —Enter the port number where the agent listens for requests.
    • Collector Name
      —Enter the
      Collector Name
      Pre-Shared Key
      that identify the firewall or virtual system as a User-ID agent.
Data type
Select the type of data that you want to redistribute (IP User Mappings, IP Tags, User Tags, HIP, or Quarantine List).
After you configure a data redistribution agent, you can view the following information for the redistribution agent:
Data Redistribution Agent Information
Serial Number
The identification number of the agent.
The information for the host.
Collector Name
The name of the collector agent.
The host information profile of the agent.
IP User Mappings
The IP address-to-username mapping information.
IP Tags
The IP address-to-tag mapping information.
Quarantine List
Displays a list of devices that are in quarantine.
Dynamic User Group
The username-to-tag mapping information.
Indicates if the agent is connected to the redistribution service.

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