Security Policy Match

Security policy match troubleshooting fields in the web interface.
Test Configuration
Select Test
Select the policy match test to execute.
Panorama only
) Select device
Select device/VSYS
to specify which devices and virtual systems for which to test the policy functionality. Admin and device group & Template users are presented with the devices and virtual systems based on their access domain. Additionally, you can select the Panorama management server as a device.
Panorama only
) Selected Devices
Lists the devices and virtual systems selected for testing.
Enter the zone where the traffic originated.
Select the destination zone of the traffic.
Enter the IP address where the traffic originated.
Enter the destination IP address of the traffic.
Destination Port
Enter the specific destination port for which traffic is intended.
Source User
Enter the user from which the traffic originated.
Enter the IP protocol used for routing. Can be 0 to 255.
Show all potential match rules until first allow rule
Enable this option to show all potential rule matches until the first matched rule result. Disable (clear) to return only the first matched rule in the test results.
Select the application traffic you want to test.
Select the traffic category you want to test.
Firewall only
) Check HIP mask
Select to check the security status of the end device that is accessing your network.
Select to view the Result Details of the executed test.
Panorama only
) When executing the test for multiple managed devices, the Results display the following information for each device tested:
  • Device Group—Name of the device group to which the firewall that is processing traffic belongs.
  • Firewall—Name of the firewall that is processing traffic
  • Status—Indicates the status of the test:
  • Result—Displays the test result. If the test could not be performed, one of the following is displayed:
    • N/A
      —Test was not applicable to the device.
    • Device not connected
      —Device connection was dropped.
    • Shared policy disabled on device
      —The Panorama settings on the device do not allow for the policy to be pushed from Panorama.

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