SD-WAN VPN Clusters

Associate SD-WAN hubs and branches within a VPN cluster.
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    VPN Clusters
Associate SD-WAN branch devices with one or more SD-WAN hub devices to allow secure communication between the branch and hub locations. When you associate branch and hub devices in an SD-WAN VPN cluster, the firewall creates the required IKE and IPSec VPN connections between the sites based on the type of VPN cluster you specify.
Enter a name that identifies the VPN cluster.
Select the type of SD-WAN VPN cluster:
  • Hub Spoke
    —SD-WAN topology where a centralized firewall at a primary office or location acts as a gateway between branch devices connected using a VPN connection. Traffic between branches passes through the hub before continuing to the target branch.
one or more branch devices to associate with one or more hubs.
one or more hub devices to associate with one or more branch devices. If multiple hubs are added, use path health quality metrics to control which is the primary hub and which are the secondary.

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