Device > User Identification > Connection Security

Edit ( ) the User-ID Connection Security settings to select the certificate profile used by the firewall to validate the certificate presented by Windows User-ID agents. The firewall uses the selected certificate profile to verify the identity of the User-ID agent by validating the server certificate presented by the agent.
User-ID Certificate Profile
From the drop-down, select the certificate profile to use when authenticating Windows User-ID agents or select New Certificate Profile to create a new certificate profile. Select
to remove the certificate profile and use default authentication instead.
To require server certificate validation with the Windows server when you Configure Access to Monitored Servers using Kerberos for server authentication, make sure you configure NTP in the Global Services Settings and select the Root CA as the certificate profile.
Remove All (
Template Configuration Only
Removes the certificate profile attached to the User-ID Connection Security configuration for the selected template.

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