Features Introduced in the Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Cloud Service

Here’s what’s new in Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) cloud service.

January 2022

New Features
Expedited Enablement of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enablement is now expedited when enabled on Prisma Access (Cloud Managed) or on the DLP app on the hub for Next-Generation firewalls and Prisma Access (Panorama Managed). Now when you request OCR enablement, the request is fulfilled in 15 minutes after it is received by the DLP cloud service.

December 2021

New Features
New Data Profiles for Enterprise DLP
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) now includes 7 new predefined data patterns and 2 new predefined data profiles to provide scanning for medical codes, NPI codes, and more credentials, access tokens, and keys.

November 2021

New Features
Manage Enterprise DLP on Prisma Access (Cloud Managed)
Prisma Access (Cloud Managed) supports comprehensive management of Enterprise DLP from Prisma Access Cloud Management. You can now create and configure Enterprise DLP data patterns and data profiles, and monitor Enterprise DLP incidents.

October 2021

New Features
Support for Data Profiles Containing EDM Datasets and Data Patterns
Enterprise DLP now supports creating custom data profiles on the DLP app on the hub that contain both data pattern and Exact Data Matching (EDM) datasets to define the match criteria.

September 2021

New Features
Exact Data Matching (EDM)
Enterprise DLP now supports EDM to detect sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) in structured data sources.

July 2021

New Features
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Enterprise DLP now supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable the DLP cloud service to scan files with images containing sensitive information that match your Enterprise DLP data profiles.

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