Monitor Tenant Threats Through the
Prisma SASE Platform

Learn how to monitor tenant threat traffic in the
Prisma SASE Platform
If you activate a SASE license or a Prisma Access license for your tenant, you can view detailed reports on the threat traffic seen by your Prisma Access tenants. To view this information, access the
Prisma™ SASE Platform
and select
You can select to view the threat information for a parent tenant, child tenants, and you can select a time range for which you want your reports to display.
The tenant
is displayed for your convenience. Select a region of your choice.
This page offers the following widgets:
Threat Distribution
Displays the total number of threats seen for the reported tenants during the reporting period and displays a breakdown of threat types as a percentage of all threats.
Threat Trend
Displays a graph of the number of threats seen for the reported tenants over time.
Tenant Threats
Provides details about threats seen per tenant and displays the following information:
  • Tenant name.
    Clicking on this link opens a single tenant dashboard as a shortcut alternative to view child tenant threat details.
  • Business vertical designation that is assigned to the tenant.
  • Number of high and critical threats.
  • Number of blocked threats.
  • Number of unblocked threats.
  • Number of malicious URLs.
  • Number of unknown URLs.
Use the column picker to show and hide columns and to set their order in the display.
Select a tenant to view details about the threat traffic seen by that tenant

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