: New Purchase Cloud Managed Prisma SD-WAN Activation

New Purchase Cloud Managed Prisma SD-WAN Activation

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New Purchase Cloud Managed
Prisma SD-WAN

Learn how to activate your newly purchased Cloud Managed
Prisma SD-WAN
license through
Common Services
Follow these steps for newly purchased Cloud Managed
Prisma SD-WAN
and add-ons license activation and ION device registration. All stand-alone
Prisma SD-WAN
sales orders come with an activation email regardless if the subscription is brand new or for an existing tenant.
  1. Log in with your email address.
    • If you have a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support account, then enter the email address you used when you registered for that account and select
    • If you do not have a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support account, then
      Create a New Account
    The service uses this email address for the user account assigned to the tenant that you use for this license. This tenant, and any others created by this email address, will have the
    Multitenant Superuser
  2. Choose the
    Customer Support Account
    number that you want to use to activate the license.
  3. Allocate the subscription to the recipients of your choice. If your order includes ION devices, the device is also registered to this recipient.
    For Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and distributed enterprises, you can allocate the subscription directly on any tenant in the hierarchy. What is a tenant? For a
    Prisma SD-WAN
    tenant, allocating the license at the child-level automatically provisions it at the top-most, root-level, parent
    Prisma SD-WAN
    tenant as well. If the order includes ION devices, it is recommended that you allocate to the top-most, root-level, parent tenant. This enables the parent tenant to do ION device management for the child tenants.
    After activation, you can build out your tenant hierarchy as needed. You can create your tenant hierarchy to reflect your existing organizational structure. You can also consider identity and access inheritance when creating the hierarchy, in addition to tenant hierarchy limits.
    However, any tenants that you create between the child tenant and the top-most, root-level, parent tenant do not get automatically provisioned with the license. That is a one-time process that happens only at activation.
    1. Create a new tenant from
      All Tenants +
    2. Name the tenant and select
    3. (
      ) For Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and distributed enterprises, create a new child tenant by selecting
      from the parent tenant that you previously created.
    4. (
      ) Name the child tenant and select
  4. Select the
    nearest to the storage location of the data logs.
    There is no cross-region aggregation. Make sure that all your tenants are in the same region for monitoring purposes.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  6. Activate Now
    . The products and add-ons that you are activating (such as
    Prisma SD-WAN
    Strata Logging Service
    ) are now provisioned. As the subscriptions are activating, the progress status will display. When the process is complete, the tenant status displays as
    . You now have a tenant provisioned with instances of the products that you purchased. The tenant has one user — the account that you used when you began this process.
  7. To complete the product setup, you must access the products you purchased and perform any required postinstallation configuration. For information about your products, see:
  8. From here, the steps are the same for first time activation or return visit activation. Continue on to complete the activation with the steps that follow.

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