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Tags allow you to group objects using keywords or phrases. You can apply tags to address objects, address groups (static and dynamic), applications, zones, services, service groups, and to policy rules. You can also use an SD-WAN Interface profile to apply a link tag to an Ethernet interface. You can use tags to sort or filter objects and to visually distinguish objects by color. When you apply a color to a tag, the
tab displays the object with a background color.
You must create a tag before you can group rules using that tag. After you assign grouped rules by a tag,
View Rulebase as Groups
to see a visual representation of your policy rulebase based on the assigned tags. While viewing your rulebase as groups, the policy order and priority is maintained. In this view, select the group tag to view all rules grouped by that tag.
A predefined tag named
is available for tagging applications (
). These tags are required for accuracy (Monitor > PDF Reports > SaaS Application Usage).
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How do I create tags?
How do I view the rulebase as groups?
Search for rules that are tagged.
Group rules using tags.
View tags used in policy.
Apply tags to policy.
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