Site Summary Dashboard

Learn more about the Site summary dashboard in Prisma SD-WAN.
Starting with release 5.6.1 the site summary dashboard provides an information-rich display of branch-related metrics. These include new metrics such as network health as well as existing network, device and application metrics.
  • The default time range to view the metrics is 3 hours but can be adjusted to shorter or longer periods of time depending on the desired scope of information.
  • For time ranges longer than 7 days a Network DVR subscription is required. For more information contact your Palo Alto Networks Account Team.
Site Health Overview
widget contains the
Current Best Health Score
and the
Overall Site Consumed Bandwidth
. Each of these metrics has a time series view that is displayed upon clicking.
Current Best Health Score
metric is determined by the Secure Fabric Link with the current highest score. In the time series chart the score is determined in any given time sample by the healthiest Secure Fabric Link at the site. This value will fluctuate as the health of the underlying network connectivity changes.
  • The Health Score metrics are available to customers with an active WAN Clarity or Insights Premium license. For unlicensed customers a trial preview is provided in the Prisma SD-WAN Release 5.6.1. For more information see,
  • The Autonomous Digital Experience Monitoring (ADEM) for Remote Networks agent is delivered natively from the Prisma SD-WAN device software. The ADEM for Remote Networks agent provides visibility into cloud infrastructure performance, application performance and user traffic monitoring. This feature is available if
    is enabled for a site.
Current Overall Consumed Bandwidth
metric displays current total bandwidth consumption, ingress and egress bandwidth consumption as a raw value and as a percentage of the total available. Upon clicking the tab a time series chart of the ingress and egress consumed bandwidth are displayed in reference to the total configured bandwidth at the site.
Circuit Connectivity and Health
widget displays the name of the circuit, its physical connectivity, its tunnel connectivity, tunnel health, a time-series graph indicating the best-performing tunnel's health score over a period of time, and current consumed bandwidth both in egress/ingress direction.
Upon clicking a circuit there are several widgets displayed including Circuit Metrics, Insights, and Secure Fabric Connectivity and Health.
Circuit Metrics
widget displays the time-series graphs for the health score of the best performing tunnel and the circuit bandwidth utilization between the configured ingress/egress and the actual ingress/egress over time.
are determined by the system using a suite of machine learning algorithms. These insights identify conditions such as:
  • Excessive Packet Loss Detected
  • Excessive Latency Detected
  • Bandwidth Upgrade Recommended
  • Configured vs Consumed Bandwidth Mismatch Detected
  • Low Circuit Throughput Detected
Insights are available to customers with an active WAN Clarity or AI Insights license.
Secure Fabric Connectivity And Health
widget displays each of the Branch to DC Secure Fabric Links along with their respective
chart, and associated current link metrics
Packet Loss
, and
Link MOS
Upon clicking a Secure Fabric Link a comprehensive view of link metrics is displayed in a time series chart. Along with the time range, the selected Secure Fabric can be changed as well as the Direction.
Circuit Health
widget displays the list of tunnels with their name, connectivity details, and health score. It also displays the packet loss, jitter, latency, and MOS for the ingress or egress connections.
Consumed Bandwidth
widget displays the circuit bandwidth utilization between the configured ingress/egress and the actual ingress/egress over time.
widget displays the device's name, status, software version installed, whether the Admin interface is up, its routing peers, the HA status, consumed CPU, and consumed memory data.
Additional controller connectivity status for Config and Events, Analytics, and Flows is available when you hover over or click the status icon.
Possible Device Connection States are:
  • Online: All three connections - Config and Events, Analytics, and Flows are online.
  • Partially online: Config and Events online and Analytics, and/or Flows may be offline.
  • Offline: All three connections - Config and Events, Analytics, and Flows are offline.
Top Events by Priority
widget displays the list of the top events by priority. All events in the selected time range are displayed regardless of status including the Resolved and Acknowledged events are also displayed in the list. To view all current standing alarms select View All Site Alarms and Alerts. This will display the standing alarms regardless of time range.
Application Utilization
widget displays information about the application utilization at the site during the selected time range. The total application ingress and egress traffic for the time range is displayed. The top 10 applications by traffic volume are displayed along with the other traffic. For each application the total bandwidth utilization, ingress, egress, and percentage of total traffic based on the bandwidth utilization. By clicking the ellipses flow information or the time series utilization data can be viewed.
Recent Site Audit Logs
widget displays the recent configuration changes made to the site within the selected time range. To see the full list of changes select View All Site Audit Logs.
TCP Connection Stats
displays the data related to the TCP connection metrics in the selected time range and includes four (4) metrics:
  • Init Success - A successful TCP connection was established
  • Transaction Success - After a successful TCP connection, a successful data transaction was observed.
  • Init Failure - A failed attempt to establish a TCP connection
  • Transaction Failure - After a successful TCP connection, a failed data transaction was observed.
The metrics for all TCP applications are initially displayed but, any one of the top 10 TCP applications can be selected to more narrowly focus on a specific top application.
Top Media Audio Performance
widget displays statistical information about the observed Mean Opinion Score for audio traffic at the site. The top audio application by traffic volume is automatically selected but, other top 10 media audio applications can also be selected as needed. The MOS score is measured in both the ingress and egress directions. The median value for the selected time range is displayed along with a trend indicator to display any observed performance changes from the previous time period. The box plot displays the low, 25th percentile, median, 75th percentile, and high observed MOS scores. Upon hovering over the bar chart the numeric values are displayed. Recent flows for the media traffic can be viewed by selecting View Flows. The see detailed time series media performance metrics select View Media Activity.

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