Set Up Sites

Learn to set up sites.
Sites include branch offices and data centers that you have in your wide area network. You can create sites before or after the ION devices arrive at a given site. When you create a site, the site icon displays on the map, and the site is disabled by default.
Before you assign the ION devices to your site, configure the circuit with the required circuit categories that enable you to assign circuit labels to the ports on the ION devices.
After you assign ION devices to a branch or a data center, you may set up a branch to monitor network and application traffic, or a branch and a data center may be activated to route and forward the traffic.
Begin by adding sites and designating them as a branch or a data center. You can create just a branch, just a data center, or both. You require at least one branch site and one ION device as a part of your initial setup.

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