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Device Pre-Staging

Learn more about the device pre-staging.
The ION device shell allows you to create elements, visualize the network, and do simple configurations. You can now pre-stage device configurations before the hardware becomes available to accelerate deployment. This new approach is referred to as the ‘Device Shell’. If there are device-related attributes in the template, then when deploying using the site template, enter the device serial number to which site it should be attached. If you don't have a physical device serial number or if the device isn’t available at the time of deployment, a virtual configuration–element shell–is created associating a device to the site.
A device shell icon represents a virtual configuration. It creates a dummy device and when the physical device is ready to be assigned, assigns the device to the shell. The shell is only valid until the device is allocated to the site, after that the shell and associated interfaces are deleted.

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