SaaS Security is an integrated CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution that helps Security teams like yours meet the challenges of protecting the growing availability of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications and maintaining compliance consistently in the cloud while stopping threats to sensitive information, users, and resources. SaaS Security options include SaaS Security API (formerly Prisma SaaS) and the SaaS Security Inline add-on.

Use SaaS Security Inline to discover and manage risks posed by unsanctioned SaaS apps while you rely on SaaS Security API to scan assets in the cloud space for at-rest detection, inspection, and remediation across all user, folder, and file activity within sanctioned SaaS applications.

With  both SaaS Security Inline and SaaS Security API, you have an integrated CASB that offers better security outcomes without the complexity of third-party integrations and the overhead and cost of managing large number of vendors that exist with legacy CASBs.

Review the SaaS Security privacy datasheet for details on the privacy of the data you store in SaaS applications and how SaaS Security handles that data.

What's New

Month Feature Description
December 2021 Data Violations on SaaS Security API SaaS Security API now includes data violations on supported SaaS apps for additional visibility into sensitive content without the need to create any asset rules (policies).
  SaaS Security Inline on Cloud Managed Prisma Access SaaS Security Inline is now available in the Cloud Managed Prisma Access web interface for a centralized view of network and CASB security from a single console.
  Scan support for Slack Pro and Slack Business+ You can now connect a Slack for Pro or Slack for Business+ instance to SaaS Security API to scan for files and messages to ensure your company’s data is secure.
  New Data Patterns and Profiles Enterprise DLP and SaaS Security DLP now include new data patterns and new data profiles to provide scanning for medical codes, NPI codes, and more credentials, access tokens, and keys.
October 2021 New Enterprise DLP Data Patterns The Enterprise DLP Add-on now includes 60 new data patterns.
September 2021 Granular Match Results by Incident SaaS Security API’s Incidents page now displays exact match results for each incident for improved incident assessment.
  SaaS visibility with SaaS Security Inline for Prisma Access SaaS Security Inline is now available for Prisma Access.
August 2021 New Enterprise DLP Data Patterns The Enterprise DLP Add-on now includes 40 new data patterns for a total of 905.
July 2021 Scan and Remediation Support for Microsoft Teams You can now connect a Microsoft Teams instance to SaaS Security API to scan for chat messages and file attachments to ensure your company’s data is secure. 
  New Enterprise DLP Data Patterns The Enterprise DLP Add-on now includes new data patterns to detect medical terminology in multiple languages, license plates, and more. 
June 2021 Security and Privacy Attributes SaaS Security Inline now includes Security and Privacy attributes (for example, Data Ownership and SAML) to help assess the security risks of unsanctioned SaaS applications.
  SaaS Security Inline The SaaS Security Inline subscription provides SaaS visibility and security controls that prevent data security risks of unsanctioned SaaS app traffic traversing your network.


SaaS Security Release Notes

SaaS Security Administrator's Guide

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