Customize the Incident Categories

Add custom incident categories on SaaS Security API for Open or Closed states to help filter incidents and track changes.
Assigning an incident category to a policy violation allows you to filter and view incidents by category on SaaS Security API. You assign incident categories when you:
SaaS Security API has two states:
  • Open
  • Closed
Within these two states are incident categories, and SaaS Security API provides some default categories that suit most organizations’ incident management processes. By default, all incidents are
and categorized as
. You cannot delete or rename default categories, but you can create new ones.
  1. Map out the customize categories that your organization requires.
    This planning is essential because you cannot delete or rename custom categories.
  2. Verify that you have the required permissions.
    You must be an administrator with a Super Admin role or an Admin with access to all apps to create new categories.
  3. Select
    General Settings
    to create a custom category.
    If the field is not accessible, you do not have the required permissions to create a custom incident category.
    1. Enter a
      Category Name
      and select
    2. Save
      your changes.
    3. Your custom category is an option when you Modify Incident Status or Close Incidents.

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