Add Your API Client to SaaS Security API

Follow these steps to generate a client ID and client secret so you can add an API client to SaaS Security API.
You can configure a third-party API client to authenticate to SaaS Security API using an OAuth connection for efficient incident management and remediation.To do so, you must first add an API client on SaaS Security API to retrieve the Client ID and Client Secret that your API client requires for authentication. When you add the API client on SaaS Security API, you specify the incident management and remediation access you want to grant the third-party API client.
  1. Select
    External Service
  2. Click
    Add Client App
    to register an API client.
  3. Enter a unique
    for the API client.
  4. Authorize the API client for specific
    • Log access
      —Access log files. You can either provide this API client log access or add a syslog receiver for this purpose.
    • Incident management
      —Retrieve and change incident status.
    • Quarantine management
      Quarantine assets and restore quarantined assets.
    You use these scopes in the
    request to the
  5. Save
    your changes to grant SaaS Security API the ability to generate and display a Client ID and a Client Secret.
    Immediately record the Client Secret that displays. After dismissal, you cannot access the Client Secret again. Configure your API client with the Client ID and Client Secret to authenticate your API client to SaaS Security API.
  6. (
    ) To delete a client, click

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