Generate the SaaS Security Report

Learn how to generate the SaaS Security Report to share with your SaaS security team and executive management team.
The SaaS Security Report provides valuable data to help you assess risks posted by unsanctioned SaaS apps. To retrieve this data, you must first generate the report. The processing time depends on the size of your dataset. If the report does not generate promptly, choose a smaller time frame to reduce your dataset. After processing completes, the report is automatically emailed to you as a PDF attachment. You can also download the report by clicking on the report link in the SaaS Security web interface; if the link is not active, reload your browser to display the active link.
  1. Navigate to SaaS Security Inline.
  2. Select
    SaaS Security Report
  3. Choose a
    Generate Report Now
    timeframe for your report.
  4. Wait a few minutes for SaaS Security Inline to process your report.

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