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ASC Support View
Support View

Learn how to monitor tenants through the
ASC Support View
in the
Strata Cloud Manager
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Multitenant Cloud Manager
The Authorized Support Center (ASC) View provides dashboards with relevant tools and data to enable ASC partners to address their L1 and L2 Cloud managed SASE issues. It's not intended for end-customers' status monitoring or reporting purposes without experiencing any break and fix issues.
ASC Support View
access is granted to users who are assigned the ASC role in the Customer Support Portal and also the Tier 1 Support role in Identity & Access. ASC partner admins and access rights are configured by an enterprise customer or a managed security service provider (MSSP). Only after proper provisioning by a customer or MSSP, then an ASC partner can get access to perform support duties.
After you have the necessary roles, you can access the
ASC Support View
through ASC Support.
Depending if you're also assigned other roles, you might see additional menus.
If you see the
ASC Support View
, you have access to do the following:

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