: Monitor Services Through the ASC Support View

Monitor Services Through the ASC Support View

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Monitor Services Through the
ASC Support View

Learn how to manage tenant services in the
ASC Support View
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Multitenant Cloud Manager
  • Strata Multitenant Cloud Manager
    • Prisma Access
      license or SASE bundle license
    • Identity & Access role: Multitenant Superuser or Multitenant IAM Administrator or IAM Administrator or Auditor
If you have the necessary roles, you can view tunnel status of the tenants, connections, and instances you support. To view this information, access the
ASC Support View
and select
You can filter on any tenant where you have any role, and the time range of interest. The tenant region is displayed for convenience. The tenant chosen is persistent as you navigate through the other monitoring menus.
This page offers the following widgets:
Tenant Information
  • Tenant name, including the TSG-ID and a link to the tenant.
  • Service setup status, such as: No License, License Allocated, License Activated, Components Configured.
  • Edition of your license, such as:
    Prisma Access
  • Vertical you chose during license activation.
  • Expiration date of the license.
  • Strata Logging Service
    connection status, such as: Connected or Not Connected
  • Number of open incidents in the last 30 days
Instance Summary
  • Number of service connections
  • Number of remote networks
  • Number of GlobalProtect portals
  • Number of GlobalProtect gateways
Licenses Allocated
  • Remote network speed
  • Number of mobile users
  • Amount of
    Strata Logging Service
    data space
Support ID
A list of IDs required for opening customer support cases, such as:
  • TSG ID — Tenant Service Group ID or tsg_id
  • Prisma Access
  • Strata Logging Service
  • Cloud Management ID
  • Support Account ID
  • Support Account Name
Instance List
  • Instance Name for each TBD in the tenant
  • Location
  • Region
  • Version of TBD such as PA-VM-SaaS-10.2.5-c550.saas
  • Status, such as up or down

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