Instantiate Virtual ION (vION) Devices Through the
Prisma SASE Platform

Learn about instantiating a Virtual ION device license through the
Prisma SASE Platform
After a parent tenant has allocated a Virtual ION (vION) device license to you, then you can instantiate the vION using the newly allocated license.
The high-level steps follow, but be sure to consult the Prisma SD-WAN Admin Guide for details.
  1. From the
    Prisma SASE Platform
    , access Prisma SD-WAN.
  2. Select
    License Management
  3. Select
    Manage Tokens
    Generate Token
  4. Instantiate the vION virtual machine on your preferred hypervisor based on Virtual ION Deployment Documentation and apply the token.
  5. When the device license appears in
    , select

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